Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Women Shave

Why do women shave their armpits?

It began with the May, 1915 edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine that featured a model sporting the latest fashion. She wore a sleeveless evening gown that exposed, for the first time in fashion, her bare shoulders, and her (shaved) armpits. Shocking at first, this soon caught on. At the same time a marketing executive with the Wilkinson Sword Company, which made razor blades for men, designed a campaign to convince women that underarm hair was unfeminine. By 1917 the sales of razor blades doubled as women conformed to this feminine stereotype of shaving under their arms.

So, it's really for some company to make money and now is entrenched in many women's minds to go out and buy a razor to shave their "unfeminine" hair.

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